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4 Tips For Recruiting Experienced Engineering Employees in Pittsburgh

February 23, 2023 in Engineering Clients, Hiring Advice


A longtime steel and coal town, Pittsburgh has recently reinvented itself as tech hub. Drawn by the city’s affordability, cultural opportunities, and world-class cuisine, tech companies and engineers alike have flocked to Pittsburgh in the past several years. But this means that there is strong competition for top talent, especially in today’s tight labor market. […]


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Looking for Engineering Employees in Santa Clara? PEAK can help!

December 29, 2022 in Engineering Clients, Hiring Advice


The tech industry continues to boom in Silicon Valley, including Santa Clara. It’s an excellent place to find engineers, but you’ll be competing with other companies from startups to massive organizations. If you’re looking for engineering employees in Santa Clara, you’ll need to find ways to stand out from the crowd. Fortunately, a specialized recruiting […]


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Don’t Miss Another Deadline! How Might PEAK Technical Help Keep Your Chicago Engineering Team Fully Staffed This Fall?

October 27, 2022 in Engineering Clients, Hiring Advice


Hiring engineers in Chicago can be tough under the best circumstances. The city is well known for its tech industry, creating massive demand for engineers of all types. In today’s tight labor market, hiring can be even more challenging. Fortunately, PEAK Technical is here to help with all your engineering staffing needs. Contract Engineers If […]


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Tired of the Same Boring Hiring Process? Consider These Reasons to Offload Your Engineering Hiring to a Pittsburgh Recruiter

September 28, 2022 in Engineering Clients, Hiring Advice


Pittsburgh has undergone a massive transformation in the past few years, pivoting from steel to tech. This continues to draw top engineering candidates to the city, but it also means that there is a lot of competition for their services. To bring in top talent, consider working with a dedicated engineering staffing firm. Here are […]


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What to Look for in Engineering Candidates

May 12, 2022 in Engineering Clients, Hiring Advice


Hiring experienced engineers is challenging, especially if you aren’t an engineer yourself. But what happens when you want to hire and need to find the right candidates? How do you know if they’ll be the right fit? Here’s what to look for in your engineering recruits. Soft Skills Soft skills are essential across all industries, […]


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